Aradippou Municipality


Marriages in the Municipality of Aradippou take place according to the provisions of “Marriage Law 2003”, L. 104 (I) /2003.

Aradippou Municipality The marriage is conducted by the Marriage Officer who can be either the Mayor, Vice Mayor or any member of the municipal council authorized by the Mayor in writing for this purpose, as well as any person appointed by the Minister of Interior for the purpose of this law.

In order for a marriage to be valid pursuant to the provisions of above law, it should also fulfil the following conditions:

  • Marriage is celebrated as a result ofboth persons’ free consent.
  • No previous marriage is in effect for any of the two persons involved.
  • Both persons should be over 18 years of age unless special conditions apply which are specified by the law.

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Aradippou Municipality

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Aradippou Municipality

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